Still In Touch

 Juried Exhibition 

The virtual portion of the Still in Touch Juried Exhibition is hosted by the Union of Student Artists and Winthrop University Galleries. It aims to showcase the ingenuity of Winthrop's faculty and students during these weird quarantine times. Due to Covid 19, the spring semester of 2020 operated in a way that we've never experienced before. We recognize that it can be hard to create art without readily available studio space and supplies, but nevertheless, Winthrop's creative community still thrived. Still In Touch celebrates the work that was made by Winthrop's artistic students and faculty during these times of self-isolation. With this exhibition we want to motivate you to continue making art and keep you connected with the Winthrop and York County community!


Full Prospectus: 

Evil, Marley Terry Vigil,

Linoleum acrylic ink print, 15” x 15”

Nothing Gold Can Stay, Emily Shelton, Black Ink and Acrylic Paint, 11.5"x17"

Thing from the Pit, Jonathan Aden Bolton,

Charcoal/ acrylic/ pastel, shellac/ graphite on canvas, 24 x 30 in

The Borderland and the Unfortunate Pepper, Jonathan Aden Bolton, Charcoal and graphite on canvas, 22 x 30 in

Change, Marisa Fields- Williams,  Digital Photo, 20”x30”

Feast, Mackenzie Wells, Red Dirt,  

each piece varies, around 4 x 1 x 1

all the way to 6 x 6 x 2

Skin (Reach), Skin (Leg), Skin (Reach), Samantha Ross,  Digital Photography, 13" x 20"

Heavy Hands, Emily Shelton, Fabric, 6'6"x3'8"x7"

Heavy Mind, Emily Shelton, Recycled Fabrics, 2'x1'8"x1'8"

Pieces of Haiku,

By Sandra Neels

The orchestra of trees awaits a cue from the wind….ah, here it comes!

The storm comes….trees fall… branches break…leaves crumple. Birds and squirrels weep now.

After rain, steam rises from earth, clothing me in a misty white gown.

Trees waving, leaves falling, pollen dancing, nothing urgent…just sighing.

Morning. A rabbit hops toward me and stops…we stare for a long time.

It’s like the first snowfall…suddenly quiet and calm, but not welcome.

Things stop in the world, in my world, ideas are born and flourish. I’m alive!

Endless days pass, flowers bloom and die. Someone walks by slowly, then yells.

Footsteps on a sidewalk, the only sound I hear, and yet – no one there.

Drop after drop, the relentless rain fills my heart with heaven’s music.

Superman, Sydney Gambrell, Mixed Media, 12" x 9"

Dollies, Jordan Black,

Yarn/Doily/Sewn Flowers/Thread, 3 in x 3 in

 Naturally Speaking: Royal Roots, Bryan Wilson, Oil on linen, 48in by 72 in 

Bud Light, Navyen Nam, Digital Photography, 18000x4000 px

Sharps (12), Shaun Cassidy, Acrylic on wood, 24" x 24"

Sharps (19), Shaun Cassidy, Acrylic on wood, 24" x 24"

Pearl, Marisa Fields- Williams,  Digital Photo, 20”x30”

The Last Night Of Camp, Maggie Claytor,

Acrylic paint on wood/ rope/ flashlights, glass bowl/ letter beads, 36 x 16 inches

The Croc Incident, Maggie Claytor,

Acrylic paint on wood/ jump rope/ string/ jewelry, 34 x 22 inches

red and blue make purple, Jade Solch,

digital photo, 3633 x 5779

But We Did It Together..., Maggie Claytor,

Acrylic paint on wood/ pom poms

11 x 25 inches

Webcam Woes, Jason Lindsay, Watercolor on Paper, 5.5" x 9" in

Leftover, Jonathan Aden Bolton,

Charcoal/ acrylic / graphite on canvas, 24 x 30 in

Dinner from McClellanville, Kaitlyn G Rogers, Oil Painting, 18" x 24" 

On Loan from Doug Powell

got tired of saying it so i just put it on a ring, Jade Solch,

Brass, Fine Silver, 2 cm x 0.5 cm x 2 cm

Branch Weaving, Katie Karban, Yarn/ Branch, 12" x 20"

Memories Are The Fabric of Our Lives, Jordan Black,

Polaroid Photographs/Thread, 7.5 in x 5 in

Tornado Warnings, Navyen Nam, Digital Photography, 18000x4000 px

Taking Flight, Antonio Washington, Digital paint, 18" x 24"

Stomach Bug, Kaitlyn Rogers, Paper Cut, 15" x 8"

Cherry Blossoms, Jim Connell,

Ceramic porcelain, 14" x 9"

Magnolia Bowl, Jim Connell, Ceramic porcelain, 13" x 7"

Magnolias, Jim Connell,

Ceramic porcelain, 14" x 5"

Felt Painting , Kaitlyn Rogers, Felting, 18" x 24"

Plexi Earrings, Mackenzie Wells, Plexiglass/ silver, 5 x 2 x .5 in.

Garden Tiger Moth, Katie Karban,

 Acrylic and Medium Transfer, 12" x 16"

Comet Moth, Katie Karban,

 Acrylic and Medium Transfer, 12" x 16"

Tangled Kinbaku 2Tangled Kinbaku 3, Tangled Kinbaku,  Autumn Jackson, Yarn, 5" x 7"

e's art tips,  Elizabeth Dulemba, Video, 2560 x 1588 pixels. 

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